Our Story

Welcome to Kashabowie River Resort. We are The Vescio Family (Kyle, Tracey, furbaby Tucker, Nick, Julia and baby Reese, Jess, Hayden and furbaby Frankie)

A little about us:

Kyle was born & raised in Thunder bay and from a very young age began fishing many lakes, rivers and streams our area has to offer. When Kyle was 15, his parents purchased their first trailer – a 17’ Prowler – and parked it at a small resort on Shebandowan Lake where they enjoyed many fantastic summers.

I was also born in Thunder Bay and like Kyle was introduced to fishing and the outdoors at a fairly young age. My dad was a business owner so we didn’t get out much but I always looked forward to annual (sometimes semi-annual) fishing trips with family and friends.

In May 1989, we met while working as Camp Counsellors at a summer camp in Thunder Bay.  In 1991, when we were just 19, we purchased our very own 17’ Prowler, and enjoyed every weekend and summer vacation at “our camp” on Shebandowan Lake. We fished from Kyle’s parents 14’ Nadin with 15 Johnson and enjoyed all camp had to offer – particularly the special friendships we made with fellow campers – many of whom we still camp with today!

We were married at the beginning of ’95 and welcomed our son in December the same year. By May long weekend the following spring the three of us were in the boat (Nick was just 5 months old!). As Nick got older and started to become more active we upgraded the 14’ Nadin to a 16’ Deep Water with a floor and a 35 Yamaha.

Three years later, in December ’98, we welcomed our daughter Jessica – again, our family was reeling them in the following May long weekend. We continued to enjoy our weekends and summer vacations at Shebandowan, encouraging our children to enjoy what we had experienced for so many years. Teaching them how to fish responsibly in order to always have a sustainable resource, how to protect and preserve nature, how to build and nurture loving relationships, how to create and enjoy memories with family and friends while appreciating our beautiful surroundings.

In 2004 we were given the opportunity to purchase the resort. We knew Kyle’s job at a local sawmill wasn’t going to last forever so we decided to jump in with both feet. Although we were concerned about finances, we cashed in our savings, and with the help of a few family members were able to make the down payment required.

From then on we’ve never looked back. We’ve spent years improving and maintaining our cabins, boats, and property and turning guest relationships into longtime friendships.

Our goal is to provide our guests the opportunity to create lifelong memories while enjoying an affordable, fun-filled, relaxing vacation. Our mission is to continuously surpass our customer’s expectations with excellent customer service, modern accommodations and plentiful resources, inspiring them to make Kashabowie River Resort an annual adventure!

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